F.I.M.A. Fabbrica italiana maschere attrezzature

pinoli70Pine nuts have a delicate flavor, are widely used especially in the Genoese cooking in sauces pounded in a mortar.They are very useful to calm the heartburn and quench thirst.

aglio70Garlic is an excellent antibacterial, also it reduces the risk of thrombosis, lowers blood pressure and helps reduce cholesterol.

basilicocoltura70To preserve the fresh basil for a few days, put it in the fridge, in the lower part, in a stainless steel pot with a lid.Clean it until right before 'use.

383x287 70Basil, originally from Asia Minor, considered a healing plant, arrived in Genoa in 1100 when some leaders, went to fight in Palestine, learn the many faculties of this plant deciding to bring it to Genoa and start growing.