F.I.M.A. Fabbrica italiana maschere attrezzature

F.I.M.A. sas

Founded in 1961, F.I.M.A has continued to upgrade to better suit the needs of an ever-changing market, whilst ensuring that our product quality has remained unchanged over time.

The constant desire to strive towards new projects has given us the opportunity to test our skills in various fields, including: Medical, aeronautical, nuclear, marine, automotive, railway, dental, research and robotics, much to the satisfaction of both ourselves and our clients.

*For the realization of prototypes, small and medium series, molds, workpiece, machines and special equipment (on our project, in collaboration with qualified technical studies, or on the client's project) we are used to milling machines, boring machines, conventional lathes or c.n.c. assisted by the programming centre, circular, flat adjustments, EDM machines and filoerosioni.